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CMA Sports & Martial Arts Shop

CMA Quality Products

CMA Sports has researched on martial art products for many years and finally it brings the new idea on it. The product should not be compromise on its finishing, flexibility, colour, model, design and durability. CMA Sports manufactures martial art uniforms, equipments and practicing weapons. Also CMA sells other brands like Xtreme, Domyo’s, Goodwin and Dipak products. The products are guaranteed and recognized by various national sports authorities.

CMA Service Station

We live, love, breath and serve for our clients. Our service is reached throughout India. We tie up with VRL, Vxpress, Professional and ST courier to deliver our goods. If you are in Chennai we are able to deliver the goods on your doorstep. Our main motto is to deliver the goods on Prompt time, promised quality, safe packaging, honest delivery, economical service, customer satisfaction and goods return policy.

CMA Price Declaration

The price of our products are extremely competitive. Several of our own products are sold on cost price at retail and wholesale. The products are high quality with low price. Massive discount above Rs.10,000 and more.

Support & Suggestion

Kindly verify the image of the products and conform the price before you purchase. If you have any doubt you can call us and clear your doubts by phone or through Whatsapp. We request you to give your full support and your valuable suggestion.