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Women Self Defense

Hello sisters,

“One who have guts and awareness they don’t need to be learn self-defense” moral weapons stun gun and pepper spray are used to be when we afraid of something. Basically someone who learn martial arts and self-defense is shown him his less confidence. When he loses his confident level he will go for body combat classes. At first built your guts and fitness after that you take some awareness program. No one will come for your help until you should have some basic strategy on your own. Don’t waste your time on waiting for rescue team and don’t depend on any other weapon because all the time you will not be surrounded by a single assailant. Self-defense means fight by your fear first. Fight with others without fighting.
Chennai has growing population makes frighten us because most of the metropolitan cities are in the world affected by the women assaulting crimes. Our neighbor districts like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have been affected. We are in the position to take decision right now. Many western companies have been conducting the women self-defense program for their employees' wellness. Rape against women (RAW) is conducting women awareness camps in all part of Chennai. We organize the campus with the help of experienced and expertise martial art masters.
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