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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Q: "Describe about CMA?"

CMA is the short form of Chennai Martial Arts

Q: "When did it start?"

It started on 10th of June 2015

Q: "Why did CMA starts?"

Chennai has huge population and its need of self production and awareness is bring us to do real martial art services to the masters and general public.

Q: "What are the benefits of Chennai Martial Arts?"

Chennai martial art is non-profitable organization, it works for all. You can search the martial arts detail and get the free information from us. You can communicate with people through our website advertisement if you are a martial arts master.

Q: "Can you explain about this website briefly?"

The only one website for Tamil viewers, unfortunately we couldn't give in Tamil language. We have a plan to give everything in Tamil language in future.

Q:Can I return or exchange my purchase if I don't like it?"

Please read our exchange policy. Click here

Q: "What are the futures of this website?"

We are planning to publish the things that our viewers wish to watch.

Q: "What is your privacy policy?"

Glory Silver respects your privacy and wants to ensure that you understand what information we need to complete your order, and what information you can choose to share with us and with our marketing partners. For complete information on our privacy policy, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Q: "Is it possible to learn martial arts through this website?"

You can learn, but it is not recommended for anyone who learn without master knowledge.

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