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“Welcome to Chennai Martial Arts”

Hi! There, we are trying to connect masters and students through our website. So the master can get students and the students can get the benefit of different masters’ training. Our website has more than 1000 pages. It gives all the information about martial arts around the nation particularly in Chennai. We also conduct women self-defense programs for college students and working women. Our main motto is to develop martial art sources in India. This is a non-profitable organization

Martial Arts Training

People are always crazy about martial arts, self-defense, and fitness. Here we are going to talk about fitness. Are many people have lost their body fitness by doing a lot of studies and working on computers? Yes, so here the physical problems start for a normal human being. We recommend you martial arts and meditation will keep you fit and more energetic. Interested can contact us for more details.

Women Self-Defense program

Women in India got talented. But criminals in the world are more talented than women. So here comes the matter of women's protection. We are undertaking self-defense classes for women and children. We have trained many women all over Chennai. We have the special force to train college girls and corporate staff. You can contact us for women self-defense training program in short time. you could call through mobile or visit our office. The contact details have been given below.

girls self-defence-workshop

Online and personal Training

Online training can be suitable for distance student, especially for young and adults. Children can be fitted for direct classes. Women can come on their own time for their fitness and self-defense. Sometime we offer free classes too. Not only can the rich people also the poor student learn martial arts. Martial art gives confidence and courage including body shape. We can provide martial arts and fitness at your premises if you wish to. Feel free to contact us at 9 am to 9 pm.

Martial art Shop in Chennai

Our approved martial arts shop is CMA sports. It is in Chennai, Royapettah. You can get your martial art uniforms, equipment and dummy weapons. It might be very useful to you when you practice martial arts. Many masters have recommended the CMA sports product. You can buy the products via online or you can visit the shop directly.
Admin Office
Old #3, New #5, Nallanna Lane,
Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014.
(Near Royapettah police station)
Phone: | 99401 50678
Email: chennaimartialarts.in@gmail.com
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