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Chennai martial arts website was created by Mr. Syed Usman Ali born and studied in Chennai. He learnt several Indian and western martial arts. He runs FLYING DRAGON Academy of Martial Arts on his own traditional martial arts style. He has his own dojo. He teaches Karate, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. He started an organization Amateur Kung Fu Association of Tamil Nadu. He wishes to develop the organization to empower students' talent. He believes that traditional martial arts only can produce our true skill. He sells martial art things like uniform, equipment and weapons (dummy). He wished to develop martial arts sources in India.

Amateur kung fu Association of Tamil Nadu

The named Kung Fu is traditional martial arts in China. Now it turns it name itself as a Wushu (for sports purpose). The concept is good but we cannot define martial arts under few techniques. Because the subject is very big. If we do so it looks like a cloning baby. All the movements would be copy of other movement. Amateur Kung Fu Association of Tamil Nadu does not agree the concept and want to try a different method. Uniform method could be judged easily. But the real techniques might be vanished. Individual skill might not be exposed.

So the organization decided some solutions. This is the right place for martial artist. If anyone wants to develop his skill he can join himself as a member of our organization. We do not charge anything. This is a non-profitable organization.