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About Us

About the author

Hi there, this is Usman Ali author of this portal. I think many of you know me very well. I have been working on this field for the 40 years. I am experienced in many Indian and western martial arts. I am also quit experience in teaching women self-defense. I born in Chennai, studied in Chennai, martial arts learned in Chennai. I got my advance training from many countries. I sacrificed one third of my life in servicing martial arts only. Now I am giving training in Chennai students only. I have my few branches in Indian Union. Interested can call me for online training. We give martial art booklets (pdf), DVD’s and Zoom training (live).

About our other services

Dear masters and students kindly note these below services. It would be very useful to you in your daily practice. We sell martial arts items like uniforms, equipment and practicing weapons. We sell many Indian brands which are approved by Sports karate Association of Tamilnadu. Also we give training to the children and adults in all over Chennai. Club owners and schools may conduct us for their student’s better future. We organize martial arts tournament every year. We have our WORLD KUNG FU MASTERS ASSOCIATION Masters and individual trainers can join with us for your advance training and your future benefits.

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