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Renshi. R.V.Tamil Mani (late)

Legendary Master

Renshi R.V. Tamil Mani the founder of Budokai (Academy of Martial Arts) is considered as a father of Indian Karate history. He was born in 14th March 1944. He started his martial arts training at the age of 8. He learnt the art of Silambam (Indian system of defense with a Stick) from various masters.

Renshi Mani trained for many years under Great Masters like Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju Ryu), Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi the 34th Soke (Grand Master) of Togakure Ryu. Togakure Ryu dates back to feudal Japan, Arakawa Sensei and Inoue Sensei (Weapon Training).

Renshi Mani setup his first dojo Budokai (Academy of Martial Arts) in the year of 1965 in Chennai. The Budokai had been teaching defence forces, police – men and women, children, ladies, businessmen, paramilitary forces, industrial security personnel, government security personnel etc. Renshi. R.V.Tamil Mani's contribution to humanity through Budokai cannot be mentioned in a few lines. He acted some Tamil movies like Anbukku Nan Adimei, Ranga, Kozhi Koovudhu.

He was honored with several awards and got belts. He got his

5th Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate. Headed By Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi (the Nick name The Cat)

He was posted as a President and Official Chief Instructor For India appointed by the International Karate-do College Tokyo.

In 1976, he has been promoted to rank of professor of Karate – "SHEEHAN"In the year 1977 after advanced training at Tokyo, he has achieved the "RENSHI" grade International Master Teacher Grade with eligibility to wear the coveted red and white belt. Very few non-Japanese have ever achieved this grade.

4th Degree Black Belt in Toga Kure Karate and Kikushin Ryu-weapon training. He has a total of 13 black belts from 3 different system of Karate.

He is a qualified Ninja trained under Dr. Hatsumi sensei. Only a handful of Non-Japanese has ever underwent training and qualified successfully in the Secret art of Ninjutsu and achieved proficiency in weapon training under Masters. Arakawa sensei and Innoue sensei in Japan.

He was been elected for the post of "Publicity and public Relation Officer" (Australia, New-Zealand and Asian Countries) by the International Karate Federation at Tokyo (World Body).

He has been nominated as the President-India Chapter-by the World Martial Arts Foundation – Japan.

He is the Technical Director for several State Bodies including the National Federation representing India at the world body.

He is specially qualified at Japan in treating athletic injuries by Shiatsu, Anma and Acupressure methods.

Attained Masters Certificate in Kundalini Yoga from World Community Service Centre under Vethathri Maharishi.

Finally our Legend passed away and fills it out with tears. A massive illness brings at the young age of 50 on May 1st 1994.

Budokai Headquerters and Renshi RVT.Mani
Budokai headquerters and Renshi RVT