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Master's Portfolio

Masters are requested that you had been served martial arts services for many years. Few masters were passed away from us. Many of them are still alive, but right now how many of them are remaining. So Chennai Martial Arts salute and create portfolio page for them. Let the next generation know about their success, achievements and services.

Legandry Masters

Renshi. R.V.Tamil Mani (late)
Dai Sensei. Moses Thilak (late)
Hing Sifu. Sekar (late)

Living Legends

Kyoshi. C.S.Raja Gopal (Judo)
Renshi. Wishva (Karate)
Master. B.M.Narasimhan (Karate)
Kyoshi. E.Rathinam (Karate)
Karate. R.Thiyagarajan (Karate)
Sijo. M.N.Ravikumar (Kung Fu)
Dr.A.S. Krishnamurthy (kobudo)
Kyoshi. K.S.Ramkumar (Karate)

Upraising Stars Portfolio

Kyoshi. JP.Sivabalan (Karate)
Shihan. E.Kibi Raj (Mixed mMartial Arts)
Shihan. AR.Sundar (Karate)

Raising Sun Portfolio