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Personal Training Program

Hello Sir/ Medam,
Welcome to Chennai martial arts personal training course for the first time in India we serve qualified instructor with the great interested in doing this job. We selected few of our martial art experts and thinking of teaching martial arts and make you fit perfect. We take personal classes in martial arts, Self defense and fitness. We have to guess what our clients requirements and have them satisfied. Without pain we cannot bring good effort to them but we can prevent from the injury. We have instructors all over the city in Chennai. We can send the instructors to your house or you are to be invited their club at your available time. Charges will be collected reasonably. No personal discussion, no extra money charging, no lack of techniques. Satisfaction is our main motto.

Personal Training Martial Arts

Movie Example Karate Kid

We have been servicing on this project since 1998 but now only we made it the structure and built it as per as our requirement. The quality of service is the best in India. We do everything in order and procedure. You can trust us and let us do our services then you will see how worth it is. We have retired qualified and elderly martial arties who are interested in teaching your girls who are going to marry soon. We give support in all direction then what are you thinking about joining in our personal training program.


H. Syed Usman Ali
Founder & Editor

Office Address

Old # 3, New # 5, Nallanna Lane,
Royapettah, (Near Pilot theatre)
Chennai - 600 014.
Phone: 78100 02277 | 99401 50678