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Academy of Chennai Martial Arts Instructors - 1

Instructors Image Name ID Number Year Stetus
naveen-fdk Shifu. Naveen

Learn Kung Fu techniques from Shifu. Naveen. He provides Flying Dragon kung fu and lion dance training using applicable and useful techniques for clients to be able to train on their own.
2006 On verification
rafi-mohamed Mohammed Rafi

Sensei. Rafi has over 20 years of experience. He offer motivating and energized lessons such as Kung Fu movements, judo falling, self defense, and more.
1996 not renewal
murshal Mohammed Murshal

Sensei. Murshal is a black belt in Korean martial art taekwondo and a team member of Chennai Martial Arts strength and confident.
2013 Black First Dan
Those are interested to join in our Chennai Martial Arts freelance instructor. Please go to the below link and fill it up the form and send it to us. We will verify your details and post on our website. It is very effective and valuable organization in India.CMA form  
Chennai Martial Arts
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