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Martial Arts Directory - India

Chennai Martial Arts

We are the mediators of martial arts masters and students. Our projects, services and hard works prove our achievements. The company focuses purely traditional and sports martial arts. We wish to promote martial arts sources in India and we would like to connect martial arts sellers and buyers. Chennai martial art is a non profitable organization.

Flying dragon kung fu, Chennai, India

Kung Fu Authentic Training

Flying dragon as named kung fu organisation conducts kung fu one year authentic black belt training in Chennai. The course contains human shadow boxing, animal imitating lessons, weapon techniques and forms. It has a modern kung fu methodological training lesson for our new champs. The organisation follows famous Chinese martial arts syllabus. It prepares for traditional and sports competitions. Certified black belt course will starts on yearly twice a time.

Women self defence

The need of women self defence brings us to serve for the needy people. We conduct women awareness and self defence program in corporate companies, schools and colleges. Our services reached out from Chennai to outer districts. We give physical training and psychological training in our workshops. The self defence protects your life, money and many thinks. We should ensure safety of our lives before anything happens. We cannot bring our body guards everywhere. So the self protection is very important aspect of all time. The regular classes are going on for women and kids. We offer for your best protection.

Kung fu Online Training in Hindi

Online Kung Fu Training

Learning kung fu is not so easy. Now Flying Dragon Kung Fu made the kung fu lessons are very easy to understand everyone. We introduced online kung fu training in India for the first time. It has a qualified instructor team who trained well in their subject. The kung fu online course focuses on traditional kung fu, combat kung fu and sports kung fu. We teach one year authentic black belt certificate training in direct also we sell kung fu instructional DVD’s. If you are far away from Chennai or cannot attend regular classes or you are a busy person then you are the right person to buy our video training pack. It works.

CMA Shop in Chennai

CMA martial arts sports shop is in Royapettah in Chennai. The shop has its unique collection of martial art products like uniforms, equipments and practice weapons. We sell all kind of martial art styles like karate, kung fu, taekwondo, judo and MMA. There are lot of collection to buy at cheapest price. Our truly services will attract everyone. If you purchase in bulk you will get attractive discount.

H. Syed Usman Ali
Founder & Editor

Office Address

Old # 3, New # 5, Nallanna Lane,
Royapettah, (Near Pilot theatre)
Chennai - 600 014.
Phone: 78100 02277 | 99401 50678